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28% off tickets to the musical event: Who Put the "H" in Rhythm & Blues: 80 Songs that Changed the World

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Today's Houston Deal

$12 for $24 at Los Cucos Mexican Cafe

$12 for $24 at Los Cucos Mexican Cafe

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Time Remaining

00:00:00 -218721791

Company Info

Los Cucos Mexican Cafe

(713) 278-2802 | Website



5851 Westheimer
Houston, TX 77057
(713) 278-2802
More Locations


Fine Print

  • Expires 1/14/2012.
  • Voucher cannot be redeemed until the day after deal closes.
  • Not valid with any other offers.
  • Excludes alcohol.
  • May purchase unlimited.
  • Limit one per couple per visit.
  • See the fine print that applies to all deals.

Additional Information

Individually, tomatoes, avocado, onion and cilantro are nice, but pretty boring. However, when you combine these unassuming ingredients with a dash of salt and a hint of something special, suddenly you have the flavor explosion known as guacamole. Voted the purveyors of the best guac by Houston Press readers in 2010's Best of Houston issue, Los Cucos Mexican Grill's tortilla companion may just be some of the best you can find north of the border. As the brainchild of two brothers in search of the American Dream, the Los Cucos menu reflects the same passion and dedication to flavorful south-of-the-border dishes found in its owners. Let loose and chow down with today's deal of $24 worth of Los Cucos' tasty fajitas, tacos, enchiladas and much more for just $12 at any of seven area locations.

With a menu of bold, bright flavors, Los Cucos offers Houstonians traditional Mexican fare alongside dishes with Tex-Mex influences and healthy twists. It's a must, of course, to start off your meal with a bowl of freshly made guacamole to pile on complimentary tortilla chips and perfectly executed salsa. However, if that's not enough, try other appetizers like the creamy and flavorful chile con queso, fried stuffed jalapenos or fresh shrimp ceviche. For your entree choose from a variety of classic dishes like beef, chicken or pork fajitas with Los Cucos' special sauce, grilled fish tacos or the tomatillo enchiladas served with a 6oz rib eye steak. If you're keeping an eye out on that swimsuit figure, Los Cucos also offers plenty of healthier options featuring grilled chicken and whole wheat tortillas. Though alcohol is not included in today's deal, make it a true fiesta and wash it all down with a cool, refreshing margarita or three, we won't tell.

Today's deal is valid at seven area Los Cucos restaurants including the Westheimer, Memorial, Willowbrook, Conroe, Shenandoah, Humble and Kingwood locations. With a friendly, energetic environment and plenty of flat screen TVs showing the latest games, Los Cucos is great for both a quick lunch to break up the workday and festive happy hour to celebrate the end of the day. Whatever the occasion is, you'll go cuckoo for the bold flavors and bright atmosphere at Los Cucos Mexican Cafe.


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Questions about this deal Question about the Deal? Ask it here.


7/14/2011 7:30am

Why isn't this deal good at the 249 location?



7/14/2011 5:51am

Jennifer, Los Cucos is excited to promote the 7 locations listed above, the voucher will be honored at those locations. Unfortunately the 249 location is not part of this deal.

Amanda Kay

7/14/2011 8:15am

is this deal applicable toward to-go orders? we order out lunch from work sometimes and would love to use this offer on our takeout lunch orders.



7/14/2011 7:13am

Yes it is - you can use it for to-go orders


7/14/2011 8:24am

this offer says One coupon 'per couple'. Does that mean 2 coupons can be used at a table of 4 people? and so on?



7/14/2011 6:36am

Yes - you can use 2 coupons at a table of 4 people - and so on.


7/14/2011 8:41am

Oh Boo! I was about to sign up for this deal and tell everyone in the area (who all go to the 249 Los Cucos in HORDES) BUT that one isn't covered. That's one thing that I hate about these daily deal sites - the locations are so restrictive.


7/14/2011 10:49am

willowbrook mall is very close to their 249 location


7/14/2011 9:01am

can you use this on to go orders?



7/14/2011 7:14am

Yes - you can use this for to-go orders


7/14/2011 9:13am

I hate that the Clay & Hwy 6 one is not included. :( Can this be used on breakfast??



7/14/2011 7:37am

Yes you can use the deal for breakfast where breakfast is offered.


7/14/2011 9:16am

Awsome coupon I got 4 and might buy more later today...we love this place. We have always found good coupons here!


7/14/2011 9:34am

I haven't received my $15 credit yet for referring someone and after they purchased this deal that i forwarded to them. What do i need to do to get the credit? HELP please!



7/14/2011 8:22am

Hi Rose- The credits do not get applied immediately. If you're still having issues seeing this credit in a couple hours please e-mail with that user's e-mail address. (Please do not post it publicly.) Thanks!


7/14/2011 1:06pm

I e-mailed them this morning like you suggested but have not gotten a response pertaining to my issue. What is the deal???? (no pun intended)



7/14/2011 1:13pm

Hi Rose- E-mails are answered in the order that they come in, so response time really depends on volume at the time you e-mailed. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.


7/14/2011 2:11pm

I just want to ensure that i receive my $15 credit in my account for forwarding today's deal on to the person who purchased it today as well!



7/14/2011 2:13pm

Definitely- I understand. :)


7/14/2011 9:47am

I just fowarded this deal to my friend and forgot to refer a friend. Is there any way I can still get credit if she already bought the deal?



7/14/2011 8:24am

Hi Julia- If this was their first purchase, we can apply a credit to your account. Please e-mail with your e-mail address along with their e-mail address & a quick description of the situation. Thanks.


7/14/2011 9:48am

Yes please.


7/14/2011 10:22am

Can this deal be used at the location on Westheimer & Fountainview?


7/14/2011 9:54am

Jerri, Yes this deal is valid at the Westheimer and Fountain View location.


7/14/2011 10:29am

The referral has to have made a first purchase before the credit is added to your account. :) Got my referral and got my Cucos daily deal.


7/14/2011 11:18am

How long does it take the voucher to be emailed to you once you've purchased the deal?



7/14/2011 9:33am

Hi Aymee- the vouchers are available from your "My Account" page immediately once you've purchased, but it's important to note that the voucher cannot be redeemed until the day after deal closes. Thanks!


7/14/2011 11:46am

Is the Willowbrook location the one at the willowbrook mall or on 249?


7/14/2011 10:33am

It is valid at Willowbrook at 1960, not the 249 location


7/14/2011 1:12pm

Today we are celebrating a birthday and are going there to eat. Will I be able to use my coupon today?



7/14/2011 1:04pm

Hi Everardo- You cannot use the voucher until the day after the deal closes, per the fine print. This deal runs through Sunday, so Monday would be the earliest. Thanks.



7/14/2011 3:26pm

Hi Everardo- Los Cucos Mexican Cafe has informed us that they will begin accepting these vouchers starting tomorrow. Thanks.


7/14/2011 3:33pm

Does it cover the tip too? Sorry, reposting to request a response.


7/14/2011 2:45pm

VOICE Daily Deals customers should always tip on the full amount before discount. Please be kind to your servers, the deal is only valid toward food.


7/14/2011 5:13pm

I bought this deal this morning at about 11:30 am and at that time it said that there was only 12 hours remaining in your offer. Now there are 78 hours left in your offer. It states that these vouchers could not be redeemed until the day after deal closes. That would have been Friday when I bought them this morning. Now that you have extended the time left in the offer, does this mean I now have to wait 3 days in order to be able to use them?



7/14/2011 3:25pm

Hi Antonio- This deal was extended; however, we've confirmed that Los Cucos Mexican Cafe will begin accepting these vouchers tomorrow. Thanks.


7/14/2011 5:17pm

How do I recieve the voucher????? When???


7/14/2011 3:27pm

Sally - the vouchers are available from your "My Account" page immediately once you've purchased, but it's important to note that the voucher cannot be redeemed until the day after deal closes. Thanks!



7/14/2011 3:27pm

Hi Sally- As soon as you've purchased the voucher will be available for you to print from your "My Account" page. The link is at the top right of the screen. Thanks.


7/14/2011 5:23pm

I bought a voice deal of the day for Jolivette cleaning, can't get hold of a human, no one will call me back, and now voice deal of the day won't respond to calls or emails either. Beware before buying a voice deal of the day.



7/14/2011 3:29pm

Hi Jenny- E-mails to are answered in the order that they are received, so depending on volume that may take a little while. If you would like to forward your issue directly to, I'd be more than happy to assist you. Thanks.


7/14/2011 5:40pm

Can I use it at the 59/Northpark location?



7/14/2011 3:55pm

Hi Nancy- Can you be more specific? Do you know the exact address of this location? This deal is valid for one of 7 locations listed to the right of the deal. Thanks.


7/14/2011 10:32pm

Your description states it is good at the Humble and Kingwood locations, but when I printed it out it gives the address for the Humble location, but calls it Kingwood? I bought 2 vouchers and I want to use the Kingwood location on 59N at Northpark. Will it be honored there?



7/15/2011 8:38am

Hi Denise- Los Cucos refers to their 9441 FM 1960 Bypass location as Kingwood. The voucher is not valid at 59N at Northpark & cannot be redeemed there. Thanks.


7/15/2011 12:59pm

In the description it states both Humble and Kingwood are valid locations. Obviously someone made a mistake by writing that. A location in Humble would not be called Kingwood when there is an actual Kingwood location. Who else can I discuss this with. A mistake was made but not on my part.



7/15/2011 1:37pm

I've forwarded your contact information to someone at the Houston Press & they will contact you as soon as possible. Thanks.


7/29/2011 3:15pm

I also would like to speak to someone regarding this deal. I bought it with intention of using it at the kingwood location that was listed the day that it was purchased.



7/29/2011 4:16pm

Hi Jennifer- I have responded to your inquiry directly via e-mail. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!


7/15/2011 9:36am

Lee-ann: Oops! I didnt even see the locations listen on the side! lol So the location I'm asking about must be pretty new since its not on but it is on their website, The add is 23730 Highway 59North, Kingwood Tx 77339. The one listed on the right is NOT Kingwood, it's the Humble location. Is there any way to add the Kingwood location? :)



7/15/2011 8:28am

Hi Nancy- This deal is not valid for all Los Cucos locations, only the ones listed to the right. We cannot add any additional locations, unfortunately. Thanks.


7/15/2011 9:51am

Please contact me regarding the $15 credit I haven't yet received.



7/15/2011 8:30am

Rose- please feel free to e-mail me this information: Please include your e-mail address & your referring user's address. Thanks.


7/15/2011 4:11pm

Can you tell me if the voucher is limited to food only, or can I order margarita's as well?



7/15/2011 2:18pm

Hi Susan- This deal excludes alcohol, per the fine print. Thanks.


7/15/2011 5:13pm

i bought this yesterday when it said it had 15 minutes left, can i use this today since the deal has started over again or do i have to continue to wait.



7/15/2011 4:09pm

Hi Rhonda- Yes, the voucher is valid starting today, Friday July 15. Thanks!


7/16/2011 7:10am

Does anyone who bought this deal know how to read?


7/16/2011 12:08pm

Is the offer valid on Sunday Brunch?



7/17/2011 8:11am

Yes it is.


7/17/2011 9:05am

Earlier the deal said you could use 1 coupon per couple, now it says 1 per vist. Has it changed?



7/17/2011 8:10am

It says one per couple per visit. It has not changed.


7/18/2011 7:59am

ok...just to make sure, we can use 2 at a table of 4?



7/18/2011 8:00am

Hi David- That is correct. Thanks.


7/17/2011 11:52am

Hi. Can the voucher be used during happy hour - no alcohol of course.


7/17/2011 11:38am

Cindy, the voucher can be used at anytime, but it cannot be combined with any other specials.


7/21/2011 10:36am

I went on there website to look for the shannandoah location, however they only have one in the woodlands, in the panther creek shopping center, is this the same location?



7/21/2011 9:51am

Hi Jen- The Shenandoah location is at 18310 I-45 South, Shenandoah, TX 77381. You can call (281) 273-6349 for that location to get a better idea of where it's at. Thanks.


7/25/2011 10:29am

I purchased this the day it was offered, have been charged for it, but never received a coupon.



7/25/2011 8:30am

Hi Debbie- You can download & print your voucher from the "My Account" link at the top right of the site when logged in. Thanks.


7/29/2011 5:07pm

I Like how in the description is says "Today's deal is valid at seven area Los Cucos restaurants including the Westheimer, Memorial, Willowbrook, Conroe, Shenandoah, Humble and Kingwood locations" Yet you CAN NOT use at it HUMBLE!



7/29/2011 3:19pm

Hi Crystal- The seven valid locations are listed to the right of the deal & also print on the vouchers. Thanks.


7/29/2011 6:40pm

Well the issue is the right side says G.Kingwood 9441 FM 1960 Bypass, that's not the Kingwood location that's Humble. Only one of those 2 locations is accepting this & you list BOTH the Kingwood & Humble locations as participants incorrectly in the description. Its VERY false advertising especially once you've already eaten the food & have to pay full price.



8/1/2011 3:46pm

Hi Crystal- I'm going to e-mail you directly with additional information. Thanks.


8/11/2011 9:02pm

We just tried to use this for take-out at the Kingwood location and was told that the voucher is not valid for take-out, it is dine-in only. I saw in an earlier posting that this is valid for take-out, which is correct? Your site or the location? Please advise because I ended up coming out of pocket more than expected.



8/12/2011 1:51pm

Hi Angie- We've re-confirmed that the deal is valid for take-out & this issue is being addressed. I've sent you an e-mail response also. Thank you.

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