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28% off tickets to the musical event:  Who Put the "H" in Rhythm & Blues: 80 Songs that Changed the World
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28% off tickets to the musical event: Who Put the "H" in Rhythm & Blues: 80 Songs that Changed the World

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Today's Houston Deal

$159 for a 42-day HCG Program from New Image MD Clinic

$159 for a 42-day HCG Program from New Image MD Clinic

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Company Info

New Image M. D. Clinic

713.781.0454 | Website



10618 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX 77077


  • Rapid weight loss program - lose up to 1 lb/day.
  • Deal includes a 42-day cycle of HCG prescription injectables and a consultation by a M. D.
  • Diet & lab screen.
  • Weekly follow-ups, including weigh in, BMI, and resting metabolic rate.
  • HCG injectables at their best quality from a local pharmacy.

Fine Print

  • Expires 5/9/2013.
  • Voucher cannot be redeemed until the day after deal closes.
  • May buy one voucher per person, and one additional as a gift.
  • One per person, per visit.
  • Voucher redeemable by appointment only. Please call 713.781.0454 to schedule.
  • See the fine print that applies to all deals.

Additional Information

Questions about this deal Question about the Deal? Ask it here.


11/9/2012 9:47am

This seems interesting but I am surprised the company website has NO information about this program on it. Did I miss it? If you can let me know where I can find info about this program, I'd appreciate it. One, of many questions, I would have thought would be answered was: are the injectables mentioned included in the price? If not, how much are they? Who injects them? How often do you go to the office? Nothing too hard but it seems like there might be a gap in their website. Thank you for any help you can offer!



11/9/2012 8:43am

Susan, This deal is for self injected HCG Program, and there is a weekly check in for BMI readings and progress and to receive new dosage

11/9/2012 10:23am

I agree with Susan, there's nothing at all on the website to give you information as to how this hCG program works. I see on this website about getting it from a local pharmacy, but it doesn't provide days and hours of operation regarding the location, which is important to know if you live on the other side of town from where the clinic is.



11/9/2012 8:46am

Hello, Hours of operation are 9-5 Mon-Fri,with a break 12 to 1 for lunch. New Image receives all their products from a compound pharmacy called Piney Points Pharmacy. The address is the same as the one listed on today's deal, 10618 Westheimer and there is a weekly check in for BMI readings, to review progress and to receive new dosage. Thanks


11/9/2012 11:24am

Under the fine print, it states this expires 5/09/2013. Does this mean we can not use the voucher until after this date or until after the hours counting down are over? I want to purchase, as I have successfully used HCG in the past with magnificent results! I have another 20 pounds to lose and this is a great deal in comparison to what I paid in the past. Please let me know what the 05/09/2013 is referring to. I will not purchase if I cannot use until after 05/09/13 because that is a whole year from now. Thank you!



11/9/2012 9:29am

Hello Stephanie, the time remaining to purchase this deal is 109 hours (as shown above to the left) and the date the voucher expires (the time you have to redeem your voucher is 5/9/2013). Hope this helps, thanks!

11/9/2012 6:30pm

I cannot make your location under the hours you have listed. Is there anyway you consider mailing me the product? Thanks.



11/10/2012 9:17am

Please call New Image directly. Thank you.


11/11/2012 10:13pm

I just happen to be speaking with another clinic about this yesterday. You price is very good, but... Since you are injecting yourself, how big are the needles? How much HGL are you injecting into yourself each day? What happens if you miss a day or a week? (I travel out of town). Do you simply restart when you return? Is the visit to your clinic required each week? Is there blood work to check you liver, chlosesterol, etc?



11/12/2012 8:41am

Paul, Please contact New Image directly for specifics on what testing is done, and how to best handle your schedule since you are traveling. They would be happy to answer all of your questions. The needles used are the smallest gauge needle made (insulin needle). Thank you.


11/12/2012 9:59am

You said this requires weekly check-ins to analyze progress in order to receive new dosage. Does this mean that you are not given the entire 42 days of HCG up front? When I did this last year at another clinic, they gave me the entire vial worth 42 days of HCG. How will this be dispensed?



11/12/2012 8:48am

Grace, for best results New Image would like to check in with you weekly so they can increase your dose as you progress to maximize results. Please call New Image directly if you would like to discuss possible variations from their structured plan. Thank you.


12/31/2012 11:04am

I purchased the $159 for a 42-day HCG Program from New Image MD Clinic and I would like to start Wednesday Jan 2nd but i cannot find my reciept. What do i do to start the program? I also called and left a message. My cell phone number is 281-932-8747. Have a great day! Glenda



12/31/2012 9:07am

Glenda, Please contact Houston Medical Weight Loss to set your appointment, they will get you started. 713.781.0454 You can access your voucher on your 'My Account' tab of this site in the upper right hand corner. You can reprint your voucher or write down your voucher number to bring in when you set your appointment. Thanks.

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